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Posted on Wednesday, 3 August 2011

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Paper Plane reviewed by Rohini Kejriwal - the music editor of The Tossed Salad.
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Rating: 3.5/5
Verdict: Paper Plane is an album that reflects how tight the band is, even in its sixth year of making music.

When one hears Pune-based rock band, Prosody’s latest album, Paper Plane, the music truly conveys what the band tries to through this album:

Think of a guy who has just finished his daily engagement with work and comes to a window to watch the sun retire at dusk. He is high in spirit and his mind is where it is. He wonders of what’s to be. In all of this, he subconsciously makes a Paper Plane and throws it out of the window. This plane would be like those thoughts which fly around in his head throughout the day. There’s a Paper Plane in each one of us, showing us how to hop and jive through the various instances in life.

Paper Plane is well-crafted and varies the mood with each song, making you want to lie back and just listen to a song and then suddenly, have you tapping your feet to the next. The vocals are strong almost throughout, there are some pretty nasty guitar solos in almost each track, and for once, it’s an album in which the end of each of the songs is actually worth waiting till.

The album starts with Perfect Loser, a good first track with a nice flow, owing to which it could have even been prolonged and it wouldn’t sound too bad. Quite gripping from the start with the guitar and drums in an interesting blend, it compels you to hear what else the band has to offer.

Helter Skelter is more upbeat and sounds really fun, and would probably be quite well received in live gigs. More so, the chorus is of a sing-along nature and the lyrics speak for themselves: I just wana get real high! A must hear in the album.

The next one, Broken Wings, isn’t as great as the others in the album because it’s slightly typical, in both the sound and the lyrics. Still, there’ll always be takers for a softer touch to the music and it is nice in its own way, especially because of the smooth work with the guitar towards the end.

Jump starts with a drum solo at the start itself, which builds up the song well along with the guitar. It is catchy and well coordinated but the title does not seem to fit too well because it does not really make you want to jump but perhaps, sip on your beer and move your head with the drums. In the last minute, there is an Indian classical touch, which does not exactly go with the rest of the song but adds more to the listening experience for some reason, which works for it.

Moonlit Highway is one that should catch on for its dual nature of being catchy and soothing at the same time. It gives a Santana-like feel, even if it isn’t intended. The vocals blend with the instruments really well and even the backing vocals in the end proves effective.

You’re a Star and Confusion are two more of the slightly mellower songs in the album. While the former has very strong vocals with some highs that are pulled off really well, the latter offers reminiscent lyrics and gives a feel of escapism through its lyrics, coupled with a slow and gently melody. You’re a Star also has interesting phrases like ‘feel the gravity cutting itself loose’ and ‘psychedelic elevation’ to name a few, which adds more to the noticeably good lyrics.

Rainshine is that one happy song that almost all albums have, with its sweet lyrics like Rain, Rain, Came again, Washed Away My Blues and Rain is My Sunshine, My Sunshine is You. You can imagine what the rest of the song would be like, right? But that’s not saying that it’s a bad song because it will make you smile, be it because of the music itself or just the lyrics…

It’s an album worth hearing and the music grows on you as you listen to it more and more. It’s a good effort and the music is available for free on their website.

Do give it an open-minded listen and you’ll definitely enjoy! Maybe while sipping on some good beer…


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