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Posted on Sunday, 18 September 2011

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Dinesh @ Whackk  : Introduce yourself to our readers.

Prosody :Prosody is a Pune based rock band which has been in the rock circuit for the last 5 years. Our songs can be categorized as mellow and easy going alternative rock. The recording for the album started about a year back, and
even being in different cities, months of back-and-forth trips, recording and sharing studio takes remotely, and keeping up with a busy life in the office didn't stop us from pulling it off.

Well .. the whole idea of coming up with an album was like a long pending urge to broadcast our music and make it available for the masses.....

Dinesh @ Whackk : Tell us how it all started. Where and how did you guys meet and thought of creating a band?

Prosody : It all started when we were in college; musicians with similar tastes and artistic bent stuck together, and the next thing that happened was… we started making music ! This has been going on for years... Well, although Pune is a place with a huge metal following .. we preferred playing songs that are easy going ... and laid back coz that best expresses are
personal selves.. and you know we are not killers.. we are lovers.. haha!

Dinesh @ Whackk : How would you explain 'Light Headed Rock'?

Prosody : We call it 'Light headed rock'.. haha sounds weird.. but yes that’s the truth. You can play our songs and just sit back and continue with what you were doing. I mean it goes on in a loop and still makes you try the next track and then the next .. these songs would keep playing in the back of your head without you even knowing. Also I feel that none of our songs
convey offensive harsh feelings or make you aggressive… the songs were written around this central thought of how a normal guy would feel in his day to day life .. what he thinks of.. etc etc .. its fluid, smooth and yet energetic.

Dinesh @ Whackk : Tell us something about your first album 'Paper Plane'. What is the basic idea/concept behind the album? Also, what message do you try to convey through your lyrics?

Prosody :Well... think of a guy who has just finished his daily engagement with work and comes to a window to watch the sun retire at dusk. He is high in spirit and his mind is where it is. He is quite OK being here in the present. Nevertheless, he wonders of what's to be. In all of this, he subconsciously makes a Paper Plane and throws it out of the window.This plane would be like those thoughts which fly around in his head throughout the day. Good thoughts, wierd thoughts, fun thoughts, slightly out of place thoughts.

These thoughts are light and inspiring. Somewhat like : "what's new at office?" ; " Man!! Coffee at 6 with that pretty girl" ; " Cool weather" ; "OK , I think I can do that" ; " How about a drive in the moonlight??".These thoughts make him who he is. They are his teachers, helping him to keep it simple and find fun. Come to think of it..... that's all he needs!!!

Guess there's a Paper Plane in each one of us. Showing us how to hop and jive through the various instances in life.

As a band, we give you our Paper Plane - a culmination of our music, made keeping these thoughts in mind.

Dinesh @ Whackk : How difficult was it to record the album, as you guys are in three different cities?

Prosody :Difficult... is an understatement! Hehe, seriously, it was a real pain! I mean we had to be really tight and sorted before each studio session as we didn’t know when would we meet for the next time... coz in that time most of us were traveling heavily coz of our day jobs.. at least I was .. Kirti also had to fly all the way from Delhi, and Sumit from Mumbai. So we had to be really prepared and do our homework before we entered the studio.

Dinesh @ Whackk : Are you guys self taught? Or did you go to professional music colleges?

Prosody : Yes, all of us are self taught..

Dinesh : Who came up with the band name and how? Who designed the album art?

Dinesh @ Whackk :I came up with the band name -- It means "The art of versification/the art of lyrics" in a poetic sense...

Mr Rahul Sureka a renowned graphic designer / illustration artist from Pondicherry is the man behind the artwork and design. I am really happy with the outcome.. This marvelous piece of art connects so effortlessly and completely conveys the meaning and the feel of our album.

Dinesh @ Whackk : Which bands/artists do you worship? How do they influence your music?

Prosody : The list is long and endless.. each and every song that I have heard till now has left some kind of an impression on me ...

Be it Eric Clapton , John Mayer, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc. Name them... they are all great in their own aspects..

Our major influences have been Led Zeppelin , Clapton , John Mayer, Megadeth , J J Cale , Nick Drake , Zee Avi , Opeth , Porcupine tree , The Bealtes, The Doors, Scorpions, RHCP, REM, etc, etc

Dinesh @ Whackk : So, now what's next for the band?

Well we are waiting for our Lead Guitarist .. Kirti to head back to Pune and then we shall unleash ourselves with a lot more new originals and gigs!

Dinesh @ Whackk : We wish you all the very best for your future projects. Anything you would like to say to the readers of Whackk! and your fans across the country?

A sincere thanks to all friends met and unmet , those who have helped us throughout .. and motivated us to stick to our guns and keep on playing … thanks a ton !

Last but not the least … it’s been a real honor to be interviewed by Whackk! hope you find us Whaccky!  :) .. thanks for this awesome interview ..
Dinesh you rock !!

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