Paper Plane is Prosody's debut album.

The band Prosody stems from Pune and has spent its formative years in the thriving energy of pubs & clubs of Koregaon Park, Banjara Hills and Khirkee. The band is now in its sixth year of making music & characterizes itself as a genuine light headed guy with innocence that sometimes loses its stability. There is an element of spontaneity but a warm attitude that gives rise to the subtle yet mischievous flavor in their music.

Well...think of a guy who has just finished his daily engagement with work and comes to a window to watch the sun retire at dusk. He is high in spirit and his mind is where it is. He is quite OK being here in the present. Nevertheless, he wonders about what's to be. In all of this, he subconsciously makes a Paper Plane and throws it out of the window.

This plane would be like those thoughts which fly around in his head throughout the day. Good thoughts, weird thoughts, fun thoughts, slightly out of place thoughts.

Guess there's a Paper Plane in each one of us. Showing us how to hop and jive through the various instances in life.

As a band, we give you our Paper Plane - a culmination of our music, made keeping these thoughts in mind. We hope this music helps you look forward in life with all that it has to give to you and help you find inspiration in each of these experiences.
With this album, our music rather, we aim to help you rise to the occasion, even if its nothing special. Make the best of what you have, or else get by with a little help from your Paper Plane.

And last but not the least, our sincere thanks to Nitin Joshi of Sound Ideaz Pune and our official gear sponsor Furtados.

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