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Band Members

Abhay(Rhythm/ Vocals)
Angad ( Drums)
Carriappa( Vocals)
Kirti( Lead Guitars)
Sumit ( Bass)

Prosody’s music can be termed as a concoction brewed by chance and not choice. The inspiration range from artists like John Mayer, JJ Cale, Zee Avi, Fleetwood Mac,Led Zepplin etc to more intense tastes like Porcupine Tree, RATM, etc.

About the band members :

Sumit Agrawal is the bands bassist. His fingers run long on the bass as well as his laptops keypad, marketing the band on the internet. It goes unsaid and understood that Sumit is a window for Prosody and the world wide web. Sumit belongs to Dharan Nepal and has his own way of going into details and experimenting more with “the equipment” than with “the music” it makes. This was one reason why he earned the name “Einstein” of the band in its initial years.His influences range from Victor Wooten, Jayen Verma, Tim Commerford, Jeff Ament, Marcus Miller. In time Sumit has learnt to appreciate music as an initiative rather than an achievement.

Abhay Sudhakaran does Vocals and Guitar. He is the thought machine for the band. A member who demands his own time and space (sometimes stealing the peace of mind of the others). He came up with Prosody’s initial composition like Confusion, Morning View and Broken Wings.Abhay is a Delhi boy and brings the city’s subtle humour in the everyday interactions of the band. His voice and fingers give music that would trigger realizations. He has the touch of JJ Cale and the depth of Steven Wilson in his compositions.

Kirti Pathania is the guy who keeps the band ticking. He got himself educated in pune as is now based out of “Dilli” …
Not only does he lead the strings of our band, but also has contributed majorly with his lyrical compositions like “Perfect Loser” and “Your A Star”.
He looks to add to a song rather than aiming at standing out in it... If it was not for his perseverance and the “Lets get this done” attitude .. Paper plane wouldn't have taken flight.
He draws his inspiration from artists like Hendrix, Jimmy Page, John Mayer and Mike McReady while his lyrics quote the more practical aspects of life.

Andy is the frontman of the band. Andy is actually Andre Mario Dominic Fernandes(still unknown to some of the band members). Its his wit and energy that brought the band acceptance among the metalheads in Pune. He is gifted with a powerful voice which he carved to suite the bands needs.Andy is a self trained vocalist and has spent time in the serenity of Telegaon, where he developed much of his skill. In time , his taste has matured from rapping on RATM ,ACDC, & Led Zepplin to more melo tunes like Jack Jhonson, The Beatles, John Mayer.

Angad Pathania
is Prosody’s Drummer. He is much of the ground the band stands on, bringing stability and consistency on stage and off it. He also complements well the fickle poppy minds of the others in the band. Angad influences include Matt Sorum, John Bonham, Dave Abruzzese. He still does not own a kit but has always managed to make one for practice out of fat Science books.Its much because of his touch that Prosody’s music is left without classification but not identity.

Cariappa Prasad is on vocals. Though he has not been very active lately, but has contributed to the band through his melo voice and captivating stage presence. He recorded “Tu hai kahaan” with Prosody which happens to be their most popular single till date.Cary was a part of the band in some of its biggest shows like Moodi 07. His voice gives sound to the innocence that thrives among the band members. His voice, though sweet but delicate , would be a major concern for the band a week before any show.

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